About this blog

You might have noticed that this blog is getting loaded with posts rather quickly. Well, that’s because I am transferring Social Ignorance from Typepad to WordPress. Since I only have 30 or so posts to transfer, I am doing them one at a time. I know there is a better way to transfer a blog, but I’m a little technically challenged… besides, this way I can read over the posts again and do some editing.

This is a blog on a very old subject: social ignorance. Our goal is to provide a way for people to edify one another on matters of social ignorance. The internet has given us an opportunity for the first time in history to have a global conversation. Anyone can join in, anytime, anywhere.

Our mission is to erase stereotypes, right here, right now. This is going to be a conversation. It will be a place where you can tell anyone who wants to listen, what it’s like to be a victim of prejudice. This will also be a forum to ask questions that you would normally not have a chance to ask about other social groups.

Who am I to undertake such a task? No one, really, just a person, a woman, an artist, a writer, a mother, a grandmother, a neighbor, a co-worker, a community leader, a nonprofit volunteer, and an interactive participant in this thing we call “life.”

How am I, a lone blogger, going to take on social ignorance? One topic, one post, one comment at a time. Here are the ground rules:

1) This is not a venue for political or religious debate. Those subjects do not constitute a social condition, but are chosen ideologies.

2) This is not a forum for rants, vents, and other assorted emotional outbursts.

3) It is a place to tell your story, your experience, your perspective so that we can learn something about your social condition that will peel off a prejudice that we might have.

4) You can share stories that are sad, happy, serious, funny, etc. The best way to tell a story is to put a little humor in it.

5) Please do not use foul language, insults, etc. No need to tell us how angry you got nor how hurt you felt. We’ll probably figure that out on our own.

This is how things will work:

I will post on subjects as they come along in my world, in my head, on my street, around my corner. Please comment as you’d like. If you have a story you’d like to post, please send it to my e-mail: skywavewriters@gmail.com. Let’s try to keep stories under 1,000 words. As moderator, I will look things over to make sure things are kosher, then publish your work with appropriate credits. If you have a gravatar, please include it with a few words about yourself.

Here we go. I’ve got plenty to say about social ignorance. So we won’t suffer for a lack of posts…


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